Lonnie’s Drums

 Lonnie’s drums are Ludwig Classics (Maple) with a retro Black Diamond Pearl finish. He uses the Kelly Shu microphone mounting system in the Bass Drum. 

Lonnie uses a variety of Snare Drums including his favourite, a Dixon Artisan Snare Drum made of Bubinga wood. It’s twenty-seven ply and weighs fourteen pounds!  He also has a Dixon Piccolo Snare, A Dixon Popcorn Snare, and a Ludwig Classic Snare.

Lonnie’s Cymbals are made by Dream, and include a set of 15″ Bliss Hi-Hats, a 16″ Dream Crash, an 18″ Bliss Crash/Ride, a 20″ Bliss Crash/Ride, and a 20″ Pang. The ride cymbal is a Dream, 22″ Energy Ride.

Lonnie uses Gibraltar Hardware in the 8600 series. His Bass Drum pedals are a Gibraltar 9611DD INTRUDER direct drive and a Sonor 400 Series Double Pedal, and a Sonor 484 Hi-Hat.  

Lonnie uses Protection Racket carrying bags, and Aquarian drumheads, while sitting on a Pearl Roadster Throne. For Microphones, Lonnie uses a Shure Beta 52 in the Bass Drum, a Shure SM-57 for the Snare Drum, Samson Q-Tom mics on the mounted Tom-Toms and a K&K mics (no longer in production) on the Floor Toms.  Lonnie uses a pair of Apex 190s for overheads.

For sticks, Lonnie’s currently using the Silver Fox Bop Master model, and Silverfox Foxtail brushes. He is also carrying mallets by MB MALLETS of Halifax, and Flack Wackers by Mike Flack.

Lonnie also has several Percussion “toys” including a pair of LP Aspire Congas, Tambourines, (hand-held and mounted) Shakers, AA Meinl Studio Chimes, a Cajon, made by Latin Percussion, a pair of Tabla, a Twenty inch Dream Gong, Djembes, Doumbeks, and of course, Cowbells! When acoustic drums are too much, Lonnie also has a set of Roland V-Drums (TD-4 Module) and an Alesis SamplepadPro.V-Drums